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General Psychology Assessment

A general psychology assessment can help identify any difficulties a child or young person is having and provide the basis for care and support. This clinical assessment evaluates various aspects of a child's development, including their cognitive skills, emotional regulation, social functioning, and behaviour.

The assessment process involves reviewing the child's developmental history and teacher/school information, testing their cognitive abilities, and assessing their day-to-day behaviour and emotional regulation. 

This type of assessment can help identify issues such as:

    Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) i.e. hyperactivity and inattention.

    Emotional and Behavioural Issues (i.e. aggression, anger, school refusal, poor motivation, concentration)

    Mental health needs (anxiety, sadness, attachment difficulties).

After the assessment, you will receive a comprehensive report with recommendations for further support, including referral to appropriate services if needed.