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Parent-infant Psychotherapy

“It will happen but it will take time.” ― John Bowlby

The relationship between parents and infants is an immensely complicated one that includes love and conflict, often simultaneously. Raising an infant is a significant responsibility that can trigger a range of difficulties, insecurities, or painful memories from a parent's past. These challenges can have an impact on the parent-infant relationship, affecting the way in which they relate to each other.

Parent and infant work provides a dedicated space where the parent engages in reflective observation of their nonverbal interactions with their child. By increasing awareness of their own experiences and how they relate to their infant's psychological needs, parents can develop a deeper understanding of their role in fostering a healthy attachment with their child.

In this type of therapy, we explore the concerns and anxieties at play by focusing on the interaction between the parent and the infant, with the ultimate aim of promoting healthy attachment. This work is usually short term (between six to twelve sessions).