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Psychology Intervention

Child counselling and psychotherapy

We provide a series of Individualised Psychological Therapeutic Interventions for children (12 years and under) who present a wide range of behavioural, social and emotional difficulties. 

Using an integrative model of therapy, we draw on a variety of evidence-based approaches and develop customised therapy options to provide care for children. Child-centred, psychodynamic, gestalt, attachment, narrative and behavioural therapeutic strategies are employed as appropriate. We arrange a child-led and focused plan and review our progress regularly. Story work, art, and play form a part of the therapeutic experience for the child or young person.

At Planting Pears, we are conscious that families work together as a system, and that for therapy to be effective it is necessary for parents to be part of the process. In some cases, individual therapy with your child may be the most beneficial, whereas in other cases it may be more effective for the Psychologist to work with parents to equip them with the tools needed to address their child’s difficulties.